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Financial Freedom

Conquering your money giants. Book your free, FREEDOM DISCOVERY CALL.

Service Description

WHO AM I HERE TO HELP? I HELP CHRISTIAN WOMEN TO overcome financial trauma, conquer their money giants and walk in the freedom of an abundant life. When a woman is free from financial trauma, she finds her place of balance where she becomes spiritually sound, emotionally stable, and abundantly blessed. I ONLY WORK WITH abundant minded Christian women who are ready to break free from frustration and fear concerning their finances. These women are ready, willing, and able to commit their time, energy, and money to embark on a proven spiritual journey, whose destiny is genuine financial freedom. I ABSOLUTELY REJECT those who carry the spirit of victimhood, who refuses to get on the road to becoming a conqueror. Those who refuse to seek help and receive directions, whose souls refuses to be comforted and who rejects the way of escape. I refuse to enable those who choose to remain stuck in repetitive unproductive and destructive lifecycles. Instead, I am here, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to empower and equip those who are ready and willing to take up the “cross over to freedom challenge.” WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, they remain stuck in the past repeating cycles of failure defeat and insecurity in all areas of their lives. THIS MAKES THEIR LIFE A LIVING HELL because they will continue to self-sabotage rejecting God's divine alignment for their lives. They will remain carriers of generational curses instead of becoming curse breakers and the water carriers that God created them to be. They will get to the end of their Christian walk and realize they have missed the boat. BUT WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT GUIDING ME, these women emerge like butterflies, into a new world of abundant life through healing and deliverance. They will bring forth the gifts that God has placed inside them and give birth to the dreams, visions, and desires that they have kept secret and buried for years, because of fear, lack and financial trauma. They will become confident, bold, and courageous business owners, motivational speakers, authors, and spreaders of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These women will be empowered and equipped with the necessary tools to break down financial barriers, they will have tribal support for every step of the journey, and the assurance of peace in every area of their lives as they walk in freedom from financial trauma. #conqueringyourmoneygiants

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

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Florida, USA

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